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What the numbers in the little stars in the Spanish peseta coins mean

¿Trying to find out what the little numbers in the stars in Spanish peseta coins mean? Here you can read the answer to that question.

2000 Pesetas 1994 (Spain): Here’s its value

Find out the value of the silver Spanish 2000 pesetas coin from 1994 in all of its presentations: loose, in a plastic bag, or in coincard.

What is the CJ number (or code) of a coin from Argentina? It’s this.

Let's check out what the CJ number, or CJ code, of a coin from Argentina is, where it comes from, and why it is so important.

1928 Auto Dollar (China): A deep dive into the first coin ever to portray a car

We take a deep dive in the story of the 1928 Auto Dollar from China, including a look into its full history, its value, and its design.

What are notgeld coins and notes? The World War I German emergency money explained

In WWI Germany, cities issued their own coins and banknotes, called notgeld. We take a look at what they are and at its history.

What is the RIC number of a Roman coin? It’s this.

We take a look at what the RIC number (or code) of a Roman coin is, where to find it, who decides it, and where to buy the books.