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What is the CJ number (or code) of a coin from Argentina? It’s this.

Let's check out what the CJ number, or CJ code, of a coin from Argentina is, where it comes from, and why it is so important.

This is the meaning of the letters ‘SC’ in a Roman coin

Let's see the meaning of the letters "SC" in a Roman coin, and talk about why and in which Roman coins they appear.

What are notgeld coins and notes? The World War I German emergency money explained

In WWI Germany, cities issued their own coins and banknotes, called notgeld. We take a look at what they are and at its history.

What is the RIC number of a Roman coin? It’s this.

We take a look at what the RIC number (or code) of a Roman coin is, where to find it, who decides it, and where to buy the books.

What is a piedfort coin? It’s this

When you are starting in numismatics, new terminology can be overwhelming. So, here, in ColeMone, we delve into what a piedfort is.

What is a coincard? It’s this

The thing about coin collecting is that, when you are starting to get into it, you often come across specialized terminology that can be...

What is a mule coin, or hybrid coin? It’s this.

We take a look at what a mule coin (also known as a hybrid coin) is, with examples and a quick overview at how that error can be made.