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What the numbers in the little stars in the Spanish peseta coins mean

¿Trying to find out what the little numbers in the stars in Spanish peseta coins mean? Here you can read the answer to that question.

What is a mule coin, or hybrid coin? It’s this.

We take a look at what a mule coin (also known as a hybrid coin) is, with examples and a quick overview at how that error can be made.

What is ‘guilloché’ in a banknote? It’s this.

A look at something that everyone has held in their hands, but which very few people know the technical name of: the guilloché on a banknote.

What is a replacement note? It’s this.

An explanation of what is a replacement note, the different types of replacement notes, what they are used for, and examples.

What is the RIC number of a Roman coin? It’s this.

We take a look at what the RIC number (or code) of a Roman coin is, where to find it, who decides it, and where to buy the books.

What are notgeld coins and notes? The World War I German emergency money explained

In WWI Germany, cities issued their own coins and banknotes, called notgeld. We take a look at what they are and at its history.

What is the CJ number (or code) of a coin from Argentina? It’s this.

Let's check out what the CJ number, or CJ code, of a coin from Argentina is, where it comes from, and why it is so important.

What is a piedfort coin? It’s this

When you are starting in numismatics, new terminology can be overwhelming. So, here, in ColeMone, we delve into what a piedfort is.

What is a coincard? It’s this

The thing about coin collecting is that, when you are starting to get into it, you often come across specialized terminology that can be...

This is the meaning of the letters ‘SC’ in a Roman coin

Let's see the meaning of the letters "SC" in a Roman coin, and talk about why and in which Roman coins they appear.