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2002 Italy 2-Euro Coin: Here’s its Value

Find out how much the worth and value of the Italy 2002 2-euro coin is and why it's actually very low, especially compared to some eBay ads.

The irony in the last coins of the Soviet Union

The last coins of the Soviet Union wanted to show progress and technological advancement. Instead, they serve as a reminder of its collapse.

Where to buy 2 euro commemorative coins? List of official online stores

There are official online stores in each Eurozone country in which you can buy 2 euro commemorative coins. Here's a list.

What the numbers in the little stars in the Spanish peseta coins mean

¿Trying to find out what the little numbers in the stars in Spanish peseta coins mean? Here you can read the answer to that question.

2000 Pesetas 1994 (Spain): Here’s its value

Find out the value of the silver Spanish 2000 pesetas coin from 1994 in all of its presentations: loose, in a plastic bag, or in coincard.

2008 Cyprus 2 Euro coin: Here’s its value

Lately, I have been asked a few times about the value of the 2008 Cyprus 2 euro coin. So let's answer those questions.

2 Euro Greece 2002 “S”: Here’s its value

Find out the value of the 2002 Greece 2 Euro coin with an S. Is it worth as much as they say? The answer is no.

What is the CJ number (or code) of a coin from Argentina? It’s this.

Let's check out what the CJ number, or CJ code, of a coin from Argentina is, where it comes from, and why it is so important.

1928 Auto Dollar (China): A deep dive into the first coin ever to portray a car

We take a deep dive in the story of the 1928 Auto Dollar from China, including a look into its full history, its value, and its design.

This is the meaning of the letters ‘SC’ in a Roman coin

Let's see the meaning of the letters "SC" in a Roman coin, and talk about why and in which Roman coins they appear.