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This is what the Denmark euro coins would have looked like

Even though Denmark rejected the euro in 2004, it had their own coin designs ready in case they decided to adopt it. We take a look at them.

2002 Italy 2-Euro Coin: Here’s its Value

Find out how much the worth and value of the Italy 2002 2-euro coin is and why it's actually very low, especially compared to some eBay ads.

The non-selected designs for the common side of the Euro coins: what could have been, but wasn’t

In 1996, the European Commission launched a contest to select the design of Euro coins. They were 8 non-selected designs, 8 losers. They were these ones.

2008 Cyprus 2 Euro coin: Here’s its value

Lately, I have been asked a few times about the value of the 2008 Cyprus 2 euro coin. So let's answer those questions.

Where to buy 2 euro commemorative coins? List of official online stores

There are official online stores in each Eurozone country in which you can buy 2 euro commemorative coins. Here's a list.

2 Euro Greece 2002 “S”: Here’s its value

Find out the value of the 2002 Greece 2 Euro coin with an S. Is it worth as much as they say? The answer is no.