About ColeMone

About me

Francisco J. López

I've been collecting coins for 10 years now. My story is pretty typical: you start as a kid, quit in your teenage years, and then in your 30s, you stumble upon your old coins in a drawer. Nostalgia and curiosity kick in, so you dive headfirst back into it. And, here at ColeMone, I write about the lessons and intriguing stories I learn along the way.

ColeMone's Mission

ColeMone helps beginners in numismatics to build the best possible coin collection in terms of quantity, quality, and presentation, through the creation of extensive, in-depth, useful, and easy to read educational content.

On October 12, 2019, on a lazy weekend afternoon, ColeMone was born. Its name is derived from its original domain, COLEccionismodeMONEdas.com. What began as a hobby to fill spare moments eventually transformed into one of the main passions of my life. Today, ColeMone stands as one of the leading websites in Spanish numismatics, boasting over 2.8 million annual visits. Its English language version was launched in 2024.